The area known as Fishtown, nestled along Frankford Avenue and adjacent to Girard Avenue, is a neighborhood which has been on the ascent for many years. First and foremost (and this might be pretty obvious, but it’s important), Fishtown is off the grid – literally. Fishtown is below Front Street and, therefore, below all the numbered streets. Fishtown requires you to know its routes and borders well. It is now known for its “destination restaurant” scene, eclectic art galleries, flea markets, and organic produce shops. Fishtown has seen a significant uptick in the construction of new condominiums and apartments, with the Memphis Flats and The Lofts being prime examples of these new living spaces fit for working professionals and growing families alike. Don’t you dare call them hipsters, this neighborhood is filled with ‘cool’ younger folk and ‘cooler’ older folk. So cool that the La Colombe coffee flagship café is right there on Frankford Ave. Several of the many warehouses and originally places of worship have been converted to residences or art galleries. Fishtown contains a wealth of dining options. Murph’s Bar is renowned for their Italian cuisine (although they are clearly an “Irish” pub), while Suraya, a beautiful Lebanese restaurant, is widely considered to be one of the best dining spots in the Northeast after being open for only a short period of time. Frankford Hall, whose open-table seating concept resembles more of a community atmosphere than your typical corner bar or restaurant, serves genuine German-style beers, and also has pretzels and schnitzels on their menu. Philly-Style Bagels, located within yards of Palmer Park, was a pop-up until a couple of years ago before Bon Appétit named their The Classic Lox Sandwich as the “Best New Sandwich” of the year in 2016. Wm. Mulherin’s Sons’ pizza and pastas, Cheu Noodle Bar’s ramen bowls and Asian fusion small plates. Choose between Loco Pez for amazing tacos, or Sancho Pistola’s for perfectly made margaritas and nachos. To end a perfect weekend, catch a show at the Fillmore Philadelphia.