The ever-progressing Kensington section of Philadelphia has arrived! If you’re buying in Kensington, chances are it’s a new construction home or condo. Didn’t think people would live just below the El, well, they’re built new construction all along North Front Streets and they are selling. With a flourishing brewery scene, and lots of space to have outside seating and gardens, the neighborhood is taking on transformation. New restaurants and bars decided this was a great area to invest. With its “Night Market”, which takes place in early August, sees a stretch of Frankford Avenue littered with food trucks, art installments, beer pop-ups and many other creative endeavors. As locals absorb the neighborhood for what is a relaxing and fun summer event in Kensington. Cook and Shaker is a delightful neighborhood gastropub known for their creative sandwich and beer specials which changes weekly. For the brunch crowd, Cedar Point Bar & Kitchen has all of the comfort as well as the comfort food patrons look for on a lazy Saturday or Sunday.